Giltzarri erakustaldiak 2015-2016

El pasado viernes en el Centro Cívico de Clara Campoamor pudisteís disfrutar de las actuaciones de los grupos de Giltzarri que demostraron el trabajo que han realizado durante el año (Break, Funky, Voluntariado, Artisteo, Fotografía…). Aquí os dejamos un resumen en forma de video.

Very Amazing
Apple's 3D Touch Will Change How You Use The Iphone
Force Touch entered the spotlight when the Apple Watch was introduced in 2014. By giving their touchscreen-enabled wearable the ability to sense pressure, users were able to deeply press into the screen to reveal hidden actions. Tapping on an object, for example, would choose it while giving the screen a Force Touch would reveal a menu of items or enable a different action to take place. The feature was later added to Apple’s 2014 Macbook and now its the iPhone 6S’s turn to use the force with 3D Touch.
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